The Henningsens: Debut Spotlight

The Henningsens: Debut Spotlight

These are halcyon times for Country vocal groups. So how does a new group stand out? The Henningsens have at least two ways of making an impression in this crowded field.

One involves songwriting: On American Beautiful, their Arista Nashville debut, Brian Henningsen, son Aaron and daughter Clara, as a trio or in various combinations, join with various co-writers on all 10 tracks, with consistently pleasing results.

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1. Who is your musical hero? Our producer, Paul Worley

2. Which song would you secretly love to cover?  “Dreaming Fields,” by Trisha Yearwood and written by Matraca Berg

3. What CD is in your stereo? Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits

4. Who is your dream duet partner? The Band Perry

5. What book is on your nightstand? Brian: Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry; Clara: The Bible, Sense and Sensibility; Aaron: The Bible

6. What song do you wish you had written? “The House That Built Me” or “Wichita Lineman”

7. What mode of transportation do you prefer? Bus or our Chevy Suburban

8. What actor/actress would portray you in a biopic about your life? Larry, Moe and Curly

9. Do you have a lucky charm? Our family

10. When they look back on your life in 50 years, what do you hope people say about you? That we were true to what we believed and that we were kind

11. If you weren’t a musical artist, what would you be?  Brian: Farmer, Clara: Marine biologist, Aaron: Senator

12. What was your greatest performance to date – and why? Singing the national anthem for the first time ever at Fenway Park for a Red Sox vs. Yankees game – it was a thrilling experience.

13. What is your favorite food while on the road? Chick-fil-A sandwiches or chicken strips

14. Where was your first gig? And how did it go? At a community festival in Columbia, Tenn. We were nervous and a little rough but the audience didn’t seem to mind.

15. What are your greatest short- and long-term challenges? To keep our family and relationships good as we absorb all the change that is coming our way.

16. What can you tell us about yourself that we’d never guess about you? We get along really well but we love to argue. We call it debating. 🙂