LeAnn Rimes Learns the Hard Lessons of Social Media

LeAnn Rimes Learns the Hard Lessons of Social Media

On her latest album, Spitfire, scheduled to release April 30 on Curb, LeAnn Rimes  expresses herself through original songs written with a candor and fearlessness unprecedented in her career. As she was creating this material, she was posting on Twitter with comparable honesty, often with photos, inspirational quotes and horoscopes for her fellow Virgos.

LeAnn-Rimes-2-800Rimes has about 400,000 Twitter followers – but not all of them are fans. Several, especially those who feel an allegiance to her husband Eddie Cibrian’s first wife, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Brandi Glanville, spend an inordinate amount of time not only expressing their dislike of Rimes but doing their best to make sure their disdain gets her attention.

Rimes initially viewed Twitter as “a way for me to get instantly involved with my true fans. It has become something totally crazy that I can’t control at all. But I can control myself.”

She exercises that control by often writing posts that she deletes and never sends, just because she needs to get them out of her system. “I think about what’s going to happen after (sending the messages),” she said. “I think about the repercussions. Will people understand my intent? If it’s sarcasm, will they get it? It doesn’t come through in a tweet – I’ve learned that. I consider all five million ways it could affect me before I post something.

“It’s a big thought process to go through, where other people can push a button and not care.”

LeAnn-Rimes-4-600What does Rimes recommend to other artists who find themselves in similar social media situations? “They should take their tweets, what they really want to say, and put it in a song,” she advised.

And one more thing: “The ‘block’ button on Twitter is fantastic. Honestly.”

CMA members can read more about LeAnn Rimes in the April/May 2013 issue of CMA Close Up.