Lindsay Walleman (1985-2013)

Lindsay Walleman (1985-2013)

Born in Ubly, Mich., Walleman moved to Nashville after earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University. With no connections but plenty of aspirations, she moved to Nashville in search of opportunity in the music business. In 2006, Mercury Records hired her as a Promotion Coordinator. Later, she worked with UMG Nashville as a Promotion Coordinator and CO5 Nashville. At the time of her death, Walleman was serving as Manager, Midwest/Northeast Promotions, W.A.R. Team at Warner Music Nashville. On April 9, at age 28, she succumbed to cancer in Houston, Texas.

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  • Don

    It is still so raw, but as we humans do, we go on with our minds on other things, and I haven’t decided if it’s to our credit or to our shame. Somewhere in my soul, and probably yours, is a deep-seated recollection of who she was and how your life’s DNA was altered, even if slightly, by what she gave to you and, as importantly, what you gave to her. I make myself move on, and have transferred much of the weight from my heart to my mind, for the simple reason that I don’t want to cry too much. I have to get on with this business of living, of which the formality I hate, but which I must find a way to embrace because it’s how we do it.

    I look forward to seeing Lindsay again, should it work out that way for me.