Blake Shelton Proves Quick on the Draw

Blake Shelton Proves Quick on the Draw

By Priyanka Aribindi

Fans hoping to snap some photos of Pepsi’s surprise celebrity guest crowded around the Pepsi Music Experience at Fan Fair X on Friday. Pepsi had planned a game between fans to compete for two tickets to Friday night’s show at LP Field. What the contestants didn’t know was that Country superstar and Friday night’s closing act Blake Shelton was joining the competition.

Blake Shelton Pepsi fans

“It was crazy,” said contestant Hannah Greenway, 19, of Greenville, S.C. “I had no idea he was coming. I thought we were

just playing a Pictionary game for a chance to win some tickets.”

After the initial excitement and chorus of “I love you’s” following his arrival, fans settled down enough for Shelton to greet everyone and get the competition started.

According to Greenway, contestants were picked the day before to compete at Fan Fair X. “I was just walking around and these three girls came up to me and asked if I was free tomorrow afternoon and if I would be interested in trying to win some tickets,” she said. “We didn’t have tickets so of course I was open to doing it.”

Shelton invited the five fans who had reached the final round of the game to the stage with him one at a time for a minute each for a twist on Pictionary in which both he and the contestants took turns creating various Shelton-themed drawings and guessing what the other was trying to depict. The goal was to identify as many of each other’s drawings as possible.

Even though the game didn’t come as naturally as music to Shelton, onlookers were amused by his rapid-fire guessing. “Pool, wave, splash…” he rattled off, with each guess getting shot down. “Drink?” he finally asked, though he was still wrong.

After using the first few rounds to warm up, Shelton refined his technique, and he and Greenway were able to make six matches in their minute, beating out all of the other contestants. “I only beat out the other contestant by one, so it was a nail-biter,” Greenway said.

After the contest, Shelton posed for pictures with Greenway and the other contestants, autographing his drawings for them, and even inviting Greenway’s family on to the stage to join in the fun. “It’s all kind of a blur right now,” Greenway said. “I can’t wait for tonight!”