Eric Church Gets Back on the Bus

Eric Church Gets Back on the Bus

By Kelly Dean

You didn’t have to go all the way to Lynchburg, Tenn., to see the Jack Daniel’s distillery. A mobile version made its way to CMA Fest in Fan Alley on Thursday. While people got the chance to walk through the moving distillery during the day, the walk through was cut short for the one and only Mr. Eric Church.

This was an exclusive meet-and-greet, though. A hundred twenty-five of Eric Church official fan members were chosen to meet the sweet and wild Country artist. After word spread faster than wildfire about the Eric Church appearance, a large crowd gathered as he walked up and welcomed his fans before entering the Jack Daniel’s bus.

Those waiting in line were the most loyal of Eric Church fans that would travel any distance just to be in his presence for even 30 seconds. Amanda Meadows, from Toronto, Ontario, came to CMA Fest to do just that.

“Once I got the tickets, I booked the trip. So it was basically because of this I made the trip,” said the 25-year-old Canadian. She went on to explain why she remains devoted to Eric Church.

“There are very few artists nowadays who are musicians and I think Eric Church is one of the few people who is a true musician.”

As the warm sun approached for the first time that day, members waited patiently for over an hour until Church arrived. When they entered the bus, they were given a used wooden section of a Jack Daniel’s barrel for Church to sign.

Stepping on to the air-conditioned bus was not the reason for smiles that filled so many faces. It was seeing Church standing beside a Jack Daniel’s barrel ready to take pictures with his most loyal fans.

One energetic 38 year-old fan from Chicago, Ill. feels like she knows Church because of her fan-hood. His character is what she appreciates most about him.

“The thing I like about Eric is that he is just pure and stays true to who he is and he has never detoured from that,” said Jennifer Spock.

One by one filed in and then out of the Jack Daniel’s bus, and the hour-long meet-and-greet seemed to end quicker than it started. However, not one Eric Church fan member left disappointed, smiling the whole way out of the bus.