Does Your Video Have What It Takes To Air On GAC?

Does Your Video Have What It Takes To Air On GAC?

Here’s what you need to know, directly from Sarah Trahern, GM/Senior VP, Scripps Networks Interactive/GAC, Great American Country.

Should artists spend their own money to make music videos?

I’m really impressed with the caliber of affordable videos coming out these days. When I started in Nashville, there were a lot less music videos, but they were creeping up in cost. Then there was the heyday in the late ‘90s, when people would spend multiples of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video. Some artists still do, and they’re beautiful and worth it and help drive their brand. But now you can see very nice videos for $20,000 to $40,000. The nice thing for artists is, because there are so many different platforms for them, they can do a video and it can live in their world or VEVO or get out to “Entertainment Tonight.”

Sarah Trahern and Jason AldeanWhat needs to be in a video for GAC to consider it?

We have rules about delivery, closed-captioning and format. Certainly longer videos are tougher on the schedule, but we don’t make a decision based on that at all. If it’s a good video and it can sustain five minutes, then it’s a good video that can sustain five minutes. We’ve seen some bad ones that we’re never going to play, and we’ve seen some good ones that are compelling and that people will want to see for a long time.

What advice would you give artists whose videos might not get played everywhere?

Unique videos are always the best. A straight performance video may work great if you’re a big artist, and sometimes now the labels are using those as fill between other things. Certainly if you have a Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw or Carrie Underwood, they can sit there and sing and people are going to watch them. For a brand-new artist, that’s hard when it’s a performance video because it’s the same experience as listening to it on the radio. The thing about music videos is that they give it a different dimension. Videos are important tools for all new artists, in order to connect a face with a song.