Born in Breckenridge, Texas, Morgan Frazier won a People’s Choice award after her debut performance in a local talent show – at age 5. As her parents began driving her to performances to further-flung jamborees, rodeos and other events, Frazier learned to play guitar and began sculpting a style of her own, based on her mother’s love for Motown and funk, her father’s preference for rock ‘n’ roll, and above all the classic Country that her grandfather played for her – Hank Snow, Patsy Montana, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

Frazier developed her business smarts at the same time. Her parents invested $2,000 in her first CD and advised her to sell it at her concerts. But it was the young entrepreneur’s idea to take them to music stores too, in the process arranging in-store shows as well. Charging $10 per copy, she eventually sold 30,000 copies of the disc, largely through her own precocious marketing.

At age 13, she moved with her family in a travel trailer to Nashville. Although she won a songwriting contest at the Preston Hotel and was offered a record deal by Category 5 Records, they returned to Texas after six months. There, Frazier spent time considering whether she was really willing to commit to a full-time career.

She was. So this time, she moved permanently to Nashville, performed at Tootsies Orchid Lounge, set up her first co-writing session with Dean Dillon and, at 16, signed with Curb Records’ sister label, Sidewalk Records. She also found a cause to fervently support: Stand Up for the Silent (SFTS), dedicated to combatting childhood bullies. As of September, she has been playing dates at schools, performing her single “Hey Bully,” and rallying kids to commit to ending this violent epidemic.

Here’s an exclusive CMA Close Up Q&A with Morgan Frazier:

“What song would you love to cover?”

“‘A Thousand Miles,’ by Vanessa Carlton.”

What album is in your playlist?

John Anderson: Greatest Hits.”

Who is your dream duet partner?

“Miranda Lambert.”

What do you sing in the shower?

“Dixie Chicks.”

What’s your pet peeve?

“Bad drivers.”

What song do you wish you had written?

“John Michael Montgomery’s ‘I Swear’ (written by Gary Baker and Frank Myers).”

What do you find yourself saying over and over again?

“‘Where is my phone?’ LOL!”

What actress would portray you in a biopic about your life?

“Scarlett Johansson.”

What is your favorite food on the road?

“It’s really bad for me, but … McDonald’s! LOL.”

 What moment would you relive if you could?

“Visiting Nashville for the first time.”

What do you hope people will say about you years from now?

“That I was a nice person.”

What would you put in your personal time capsule?

“All my favorite classic Country CDs!”

If you weren’t a musical artist, what would you be?

“A chef – I love to cook.”

What was your greatest performance to date?

“It was at Country Thunder in Phoenix, Ariz. I got a standing O – and it was my 20th birthday! The crowd sang me ‘Happy Birthday.’ Pretty cool!”

Visit Morgan Frazier’s official website at, or follow her on Twitter, @_MorganFrazier.

Also, check out an acoustic performance of Morgan Frazier’s song, “Hey Bully”, below.