“The music we have created in North 40 ( is a vivid expression of what we have seen, tasted and touched throughout our lifetime,” said Heather Looney, who comprises the duo North 40 with longtime friend Paige Logan. “It has become a light for us that shines hope, encouragement and an element of truth along the way. Living life to the fullest: This is what North 40 is all about.”

Produced by Leigh Reynolds and Paige’s Grammy Award-winning husband Mills Logan, their debut album, Whole Lot Of Livin’, is an eclectic mix of songs written and co-written by Heather, Paige and some of Nashville’s top tunesmiths.

Both Heather and Paige were drawn to Nashville in pursuit of their dreams of becoming hit singer/songwriters. Working and writing songs together through the many trials and adventures this life and the challenges this music business offers, they continue to drive for success in spreading their music to inspire and empower others.

Paige Logan can’t even remember her life without music, and recalls that her dad always had his radio and 8-track playing everything from Boz Skaggs to CCR, Stones, Hank, Don Williams and Eagles. Well trained on piano, she is self-taught on both guitar and mandolin. After growing up in a small Arizona town, she and her sister Panda resettled in Nashville on Cinco de Mayo in 1993. Less than a year later, Panda moved back to Arizona, and Paige set out on her own in her new hometown.

Heather Looney, from Shreveport, La., began singing Country Music with her father when she was 12. She had the rich musical history of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas as her playground and performed in every Hayride, Opry, VFW, roundup, bar, festival, fair, charitable cause and pageant that was available to her. In 1994, she made Nashville home with, “my wonderful, talented and patient husband.”

“We have all had our bouts of starting and stopping, being scared or joyful, falling off and getting back on, lifting people up and fighting back, standing up, backing down and perhaps even losing it all and having to build it back from scratch, all of which I consider us North 40 champions,” said Looney.

“And remember,” added Paige, “Life begins at North 40.”

PHOTO: Heather Looney and Paige Logan, by Kristin Barlowe

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Below, North 40 takes you behind the scenes of their first video shoot.

Here’s the official North 40 video for “Hey Girl Hey”: