BE Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Brett Eldredge backstage during Swift’s RED Tour.

Some say that “it takes a village” to bring a community together. But in Country Music, it takes a headliner to move an artist up to the next level.

Brett Eldredge would agree. In his case, his opening slot on Taylor Swift’s RED Tour proved to be both a lesson and a stepping stone. Already adept at wowing intimate audiences, he learned how to inspire fans at the top of the nosebleed section on the road with RED. In fact, he made a point of climbing to the highest point of every venue to imagine his show from the bird’s-eye perspective.

“I really like to go to the very top of an arena I’m playing, to be a fan and see how people are connecting in the very back of the crowd,” he explained. “On Taylor’s tour, her management would let me have a couple of tickets. I would put them in my pocket and run up to the very top and watch people singing along. They were so passionate about the music! I would find the ones that were just really, really passionate, and I’d walk up to them and give them pit passes on the floor. They would break down and cry. It made their month or year! That was a cool thing to be able to do.”

Eldredge was so inspired by Taylor’s RED Tour that he watched her every single performance, taking mental notes on the production and what an amazing experience she offered fans each and every night.

“I literally watched every show,” he confirmed. “There is just so much you can take from people who are pros at what they do. Taylor thinks about every aspect of it, from her fans to when the buses are rolling. Every semi on the RED Tour was red! Everything is a brand. This is the Taylor package, and you get an experience, just like you get from Keith Urban. It’s a giant show. You can tell when somebody really loves what they do or if they’re just up their singing words. People like Keith and Taylor obviously love it. That’s the way I feel about performing as well. I feel more alive there than anywhere in the world on that stage. It’s just that much fun. You get that energy from the crowd. There’s nothing like that feeling of the high it takes you on, the roller coaster ride of the emotions of having people sing back your song, hanging on your every word. You want to make sure they’re entertained and that they have an experience they’ll never forget.”

Back when Brett Eldredge’s “Don’t Ya” was about to release, his label, Atlantic Records, bet him that it would hit No. 1. Not quite as confident, the young artist took that bet. Then the single did hit the top. Check out this video to see how Eldredge had to pay off the wager (with help from Sirius XM and GAC personality Storme Warren).

Also, check out Brett Eldredge’s newest music video for his song “Beat of the Music” below.


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