Known for ‘blowin’ smoke,’ Kacey Musgraves  followed her own arrow on choosing songs and sounds for her Same Trailer Different Park Country album- and boy, has it paid off. KaceyMusgraves_SameTrailerDifferentParkWhile just in her first year in the Country Music spotlight, this free-spirited Texan has had her share of monumental moments. One of the biggest was surely her Grammy victories in the categories Best Country Album and Best Country Song.

Appearing on the show “Nashville Star” in 2007, Musgraves came in seventh place. That led to her first break: writing songs for Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and other major artists. In 2013, Mercury Records released Musgraves’ first album, Same Trailer Different Park, which she had a hand in writing every song.

The sound of her record is unlike any other Country album out there. Its simple-sounding arrangements and authentic lyrics stand Musgraves out not only musically as an artist, but also as an entertainer. Her stage sets reflect her music in the most unique, creative way. The world took note of this during the Grammy broadcast in January, with her neon-lit cacti, mountains and light-up cowboy boots. Her strong presence allows Musgraves to connect to her audience on such a deep, meaningful level.

Last year, Musgraves won equally meaningful recognition by being chosen New Artist of the Year at the CMA Awards. She has also been featured on the 2013 “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” broadcast on ABC, landed the cover story of the Feb/March 2014 issue of CMA Close Up, and had a recent feature on

It says a lot about an artist like Musgraves that she could impact this powerfully in this genre in such a short amount of time. She took chances with her music and received criticism as well as a Grammy for her first radio single, “Merry Go Round.” Musgraves must have known that those two components went hand-in-hand. Honesty in her songwriting, dedication to her career and her free spirit vide are all factors that play into her success and promising future in the Country music genre.

  • Jeff Bendewald

    I saw Kasey open for Willie Nelson at the Rio Brazos in Granbury, TX a few years back. I got weird looks when I said, “Oh hell yah”. Outside the box ain’t a bad place to be all things considered. Charla Corn from KFWR 95.9 Ft Worth played “Merry Go ‘Round” first on the radio, to my ears at least. Therein lies the meteor for me. Homespun, good stuff from a little town some call Golden, some call Minneola. Whatever, Just good music. Even the songs I’d whoop my daughter for writing. Kiddin!