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Country artist Megan Moreaux, middle, signs up for CMA membership in January 2014. Pictured (l-r) Brenden Oliver, CMA Membership and Balloting Coordinator, Moreaux, and Carrie Tekautz, CMA Membership and Balloting Assistant. Photo: Christian Bottorff / CMA

CMA welcomes one of its newest members, Country artist Megan Moreaux, who stopped by the CMA’s Nashville office in January to sign up as a member.

A California native, Moreaux moved to Nashville from Los Angeles two years ago to pursue her dreams of singing and writing Country music. Megan’s dreams have turned into reality, recently, in ways even she didn’t expect.

She won an all-female singing competition in late 2013 that will allow her to open for Martina McBride in 2014. The competition, sponsored by child cancer research group the Rally Foundation, included talent from across the US.

She has competed before, but remembers the moment when the judges said she had won her first singing competition.

“I thought ‘Holy crap, that’s me,'” Moreaux recalls. “I walked on stage and looked out over the audience. I took it in for a second and started bawling my eyes out.”

Megan says she is playing Nashville dates and is working on an EP that she wants to finish by May, ahead of her performance opening for Martina McBride. She is also working on developing a management team.

She lists many reasons why she is excited about being a CMA member, including being able to vote for the CMA Awards, networking opportunities, and healthcare benefits.

“It’s about the chance to have my voice heard as far as voting” for the Awards, Moreaux said. “Also, getting to go to CMA events is exciting because it will allow me to meet other industry professionals and get insight and advice. And since I’m doing a lot of things now by myself, I’m trying to learn as much as I can.”

Being a CMA member has its benefits. One of the greatest is that your membership helps advance Country Music. Several membership categories are available. Become a member today! CLICK HERE

Visit Megan’s official website at, or follow her on Twitter, @MeganMoreaux.

Also, check out the video below where Megan competed to open for Martina McBride, singing “Praying For Rain.”