KEVIN SHARP, 1970-2014

KEVIN SHARP, 1970-2014
2007 CMA Music Festival

Billy Yates and Kevin Sharp at the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall in the Nashville Convention Center on Saturday, June 9, during the 2007 CMA Music Festival.

After surviving a battle with cancer in his late teens and building a base of loyal fans who admired his courage as well as his music, Country singer Kevin Sharp succumbed on Saturday, April 19, to ongoing complications from cancer treatment from stomach surgeries and digestive issues, as reported on

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Kevin Sharp performs at the Greased Lightning Daytime Stages at Riverfront Park Nashville City Limits Show on Saturday, June 11 during the 2005 CMA Music Festival, Country Music’s Biggest Party.

Born in Weiser, Idaho, Sharp grew up on a farm and worked at a local diner. When his family moved to Sacramento during his sophomore year in high school, he excelled in sports but began experiencing fatigue and pain that was eventually diagnosed as Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, which spread soon to his lungs. Despite long odds, Sharp survived two years of chemotherapy, experimental drugs and radiation, with support from producer/performer David Foster, who Sharp met through Make-A-Wish.

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Kevin Sharp greets Ella and Dale Martin from Ontario, Canada in the truTV Fan Fair Hall at the Nashville Convention Center Friday, June 6, during the 2008 CMA Music Festival.

After an apparent remission in 1991, Sharp broke into the music business. In addition to being mentioned for several industry honors, including a nomination for a CMA SRO New Artist of the Year Award in 1997, he released several albums (Measure Of A Man in 1996, Love Is in 1998 and Make A Wish in 2005). Equally important, he became a national spokesperson for Make-A-Wish, who recognized his contributions to the organization and its children by naming him Wishgranter of the Year. He also authored an inspirational book, Tragedy’s Gift.

Sharp, 43, died at his mother’s home in Fair Oaks, Calif.

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