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Country singer Carrie Cunningham signs up for CMA membership on Apr. 1, 2014. (l-r) Brandi Simms, CMA Director of Membership and Balloting; Carrie Cunningham; Carrie Tekautz, CMA Membership and Balloting
Assistant; and Tiffany Kerns, Community Outreach Manager. Photo: Christian Bottorff / CMA

CMA welcomes one of its newest members, Carrie Cunningham, who stopped by April 1, 2014 to sign up for CMA membership.

A Nebraska native, Cunningham grew up as a fan of all genres of music. Her love of performing brought her to the Art Institute of Seattle where she studied audio engineering.

After releasing a few EP’s of her own music, her first with Divulge Records, Cunningham teamed up with talented musicians Gary Lapado, Blaine Moody, Derek Boone, and Kevin Neil to form a contemporary country band they call Carrie Cunningham & The Six Shooters. The band won the Northwest Battle of the Bands competition in 2013, and is currently gearing up to play a series of shows in the Northwest.

When it comes to being a new CMA member, Cunningham says, “I am looking forward to all the possibilities of expanding myself as an artist/writer, along with taking my community involvement in music one step further.”

Being a CMA member has many benefits for artists, songwriters and everyone who works in Country Music. One of the greatest is that your membership helps advance Country Music. Several membership categories are available. Become a member today! CLICK HERE

Visit Carrie Cunningham’s official website at, or follow her on Twitter, @cntrystar.

Also, check out Carrie Cunningham & The Six Shooters’ performance of the song “What We Do For Love” below, from the Salem Songwriter Sessions in Salem, Ore.

  • James ‘Ironhorse’ Morrow

    I know this lady personally and she is a rockstar. She is inspiring in my mind.