Scott Coner has lived on the same country road in Indiana for his entire life. He writes his songs on a porch overlooking the family farm. He is a loving husband and father to two beautiful daughters, and he loves messing around and riding four-wheelers through the creek with his girls.

He had also always loved the old Country sounds of Hank Jr., Ronnie Van Zant and Charlie Daniels. One of Coner’s first bands included Dean Metcalf, future producer of “The Bob & Tom Show.” At age 16 he began writing, drawing inspiration from titles in the bookstore, overheard conversations and the small but important things in his daily life.

“I am drawn to songwriting,” Coner insisted. “It’s just something that I do. My passion, my addiction, is working with music. Putting that music, melody and a message together are like reaching outside of myself.”

Coner’s new album, Feels Like Friday, releases March 18 on Reedy’s Dream/RED Distribution. Highlights include two high-profile guest appearances, with T. Graham Brown on Coner’s “Sanibel” and Tanya Tucker on “Maybe She Lied,” which lodged at No. 1 for three weeks on Europe’s Hotdisc Top 40 Country chart.

Which song would you secretly love to cover?

“‘When the Last Curtain Falls’ by George Jones”

What CD is in your stereo? 

“Blake Shelton’s Based on a True Story. He’s a great vocalist and makes very good song choices for his career.”

Who is your dream duet partner?

“I recently recorded a song with Tanya Tucker, titled ‘Maybe She Lied,’ and that was pretty amazing! She is fantastic!”

What book is on your nightstand?

My Cross to Bear by Gregg Allman.”

What do you sing in the shower?

“‘Do you Believe Me Now?’ by Vern Gosdin.”

What’s your pet peeve? 

“Mistreatment of horses. Another pet peeve is when a really cool song is shortened for radio. I understand why, but some of those songs out there are really great and I hate for them to end.”

What song do you wish you had written?

“‘In Color’ by Jamey Johnson.”

What word or phrase do you find yourself saying over and over again?

“‘Turn it up!’ and ‘Get a handle on it’.”

Who would portray you in a biopic about your life?

“Jason Statham (‘Transporter,’ ‘The Italian Job’ and many others). A hard luck kinda guy!”

What moment in your life would you relive if you could?

“Any day with my wife and daughters, or the moment when a good song comes to me. Those times are very special.”

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

In Case I’m Not Around is a book I have already started and plan to release soon. It is an ‘instructional’ for my daughters and hopefully, other young people based on my life, mistakes included.”

If you weren’t a musical artist, what would you be?

“I enjoy writing. A few years ago, I released a book called Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant and Me. I wrote it with one of the survivors from the crash, and I hope the teen audience that I try and reach develops an appreciation for that fantastic band.”

What was your greatest performance to date?

“I wrote a musical called ‘The Broken Seal’ about the resurrection of Christ. We did the show with actors from church and had a full cast and crew involved. I hope to record the album someday soon.”

Where was your first gig? And how did it go?

“A high school talent contest was the first time I ever played in front of people. We played ‘Like a Hurricane’ by Neil Young. The show actually went pretty good since we practiced a lot. I was a pretty proud 16 year-old that night.”

What can you tell us about yourself that we’d never guess about you?

“I love to read and I enjoy writing quite a bit. I live in the country, and I enjoy sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee looking out across the fields where I live. I write a lot of my songs sitting there looking out across the distance. Just taking a walk behind where I live down to the creek means a lot to me these days.”

Check out Coner’s lyric video for “Feels Like Friday”:


Twitter: @ScottConer

Photography: Kristen Van Zant