Wowing the crowds of CMA Fest for the second time this week, Sam Hunt took to the Bud Light Stage, stealing the show and the hearts of girls gathered at Bridgestone Plaza.

Known as a songwriter with a knack for quippy rhymes and well-thought-out lyrics, he admitted to onlookers how excited he was to finally be playing shows after spending the past five or six years in writing rooms every day.

Almost all of the songs in his set were also in the acoustic mixtape that he gave out for free earlier in the year, many of which have been recorded by other artists. He surprised some audience members with his renditions of Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” and Billy Currington’s “We Are Tonight,” both of which he co-wrote.

Later, Hunt showed his wild side with “House Party.” The crowd danced, drank and sang as he brought the partier out in everyone to jam with him to the catchy guitar licks and booming drum beats. Lips mouthed the lyrics as Hunt had everyone “buzzing like a street light.”

The set only took a slow turn once when he started out the song talking and singing almost in a Macklemore fashion, sharing what it is like to “Break Up In A Small Town.”

Hunt’s music is likely to stick with listeners as he follows his path from writing sessions to performances.

Photo: Laci Kent / CMA