In place of cowboy boots, Rachele Lynae hit the stage wearing black combat boots, ready to rock.

Hailing from Kodiak, Alaska, Lynae is anything but your typical Country artist. With a bluesy rock vibe, she breaks the traditional female Country artist role, musically and lyrically. She suggests a younger version of Miranda Lambert but with less twang and more electric guitar.

Usually she plays her own guitar, but as she explained, “I have bad news. My guitar is broken. The good news is this guy can play pretty well,” pointing and smiling at her guitarist. But the show must go on, and Rachele Lynae rocked and rolled, making it look like she had been performing for decades.

After graduating from Belmont University in 2009 and years of playing in honky-tonks on Broadway, Lynae stayed in Nashville to pursue her music career, a dream that she developed as a young child when she began singing in church at age 5. Her lyrics reflect on her life thus far, revealing a lot about her childhood and how she has become who she is today.

She played “Words In Red” as her closing song at her performance on the Samsung Galaxy Stage. The song explains being “baptized as a rebel daughter,” explaining her role growing up in the church and mapping her transition in faith when reaching adulthood. She steers clear of performing religious music or portraying herself as an unflawed human being, by being real and writing of her struggles.

“I heard about the words he said/how he wrote ’em down in red,” she cleverly wrote. She described the song, saying, “We really wanted to talk about how precious those words are from an honest standpoint. I’m not perfect. We’re human and we live in a world that has a lot of stuff in it that’s kind of crappy. Sometimes we get confused and aren’t sure what’s the right way and what’s the wrong way. But at the end of the day, what keeps me centered are those words in red.”

However, from simply seeing her perform, one would never be able to easily make these assumptions about her, as she has an edgy, “bad girl” air. She keeps it real with tunes like “Sticky Summer Lovin’” that lightheartedly croons of skinny-dipping and gives off a more risqué vibe than some of her other songs.

She also proved that she was more than just a rock singer by covering Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, remaking it into her own angst-filled rendition.

Talented, honest and energetic are all great words to describe Rachele Lynae’s music, notable for its originality and upbeat manner that fans can’t help but dance to.