Correction: The popular Black River Entertainment artist sang on behalf of cats on Columbus Circle, which is technically on Broadway in Manhattan, as part of a campaign to help feed those who reside with less fortunate families throughout New York City.

On Wednesday, Aug. 13, in the midst of her ongoing “The Woman I Am” tour, she welcomed passersby into a mobile recording booth set up at this busy Midtown junction, where they were invited to record their version of the iconic 44-year-old “Meow Mix” jingle, with Pickler available to pitch in as a duet partner if requested.

For every participant in this “It’s Meow Time” campaign, Meow Mix will donate 100 cat food meals to the Food Bank For New York City, with an overall goal of 100,000 meal donations.

During a break in the action, checked in with the singer for a report on how the day was going.

Kellie and Food courtesy of Meow MixHow did you get involved with this campaign?

Meow Mix reached out to us. They knew that I’m a big animal lover and that I love cats. So they invited me to be a part of this campaign, and I’m so glad they did. We’ve had fun so far.

How do pick and choose from among the requests from worthy causes that you get involved with them?

I gravitate toward things that I’m already passionate about and that make sense for me to do. You can’t do everything, but I do what I can.

How many people planned to show up for this event, and how many just happened to stroll by and decide to take part?

You know, it’s a little bit of both. Several people here planned to come, and there are lots of walk-ups who are surprised that we’re here. They’re jumping in and singing and having a good time.

As a singer, you need to prepare your performance of a song by really studying the lyric and finding ways to relate to their narrative. Did you do anything similar today?

Not really (laughs)! It’s just one word! But it’s really neat because we’ve had so many different tracks. One lady jumped in and did an ’80s rock track. We have R&B, we have techno, we have a Country track – we have probably every genre you can think of and every decade. So you can just jump in and make it your own. We have a DJ, and if you say “I want to hear the rock version,” then he can play it for you and see if you’re comfortable with it. And then we record it. I mean, it’s “meow,” it’s not rocket science.

Tell me about your history with cats.

My first cat was a stray kitten. The last cat I had was an orange tabby I adopted from the animal shelter out in Franklin. His name was Pickle.

Are you more of a cat person than a dog person?

I’m both! I don’t see why you have to love one more than the other.

Are you taking any breaks today?

This is my break (laughs)!

Photos: Courtesy of Meow Mix.

Also, watch Kellie Pickler and friends tracking the “Meow Mix” jingle: